Electronic Immunization Registry
Child Electronic Registration and Vaccination (CERV)

In the developing world, strengthening routine immunization is a challenge and many countries are struggling to improve it. Children immunization is the foundation to save the lives of every child through vaccines and eradicate vaccine preventable diseases. Routine Immunization is a process of timely vaccination on the recommended schedule to improve the health outcomes of the community. The basic challenges in routine immunization are to find unvaccinated children and follow-up the partially vaccinated children. Electronic Immunization registry is an option to identify the defaulter and missed children by capturing hand/foot thumbprint expressions of new born. Pace Technologies has developed Child Electronic Registration and Vaccination (CERV) mobile App equipped with an ordinary biometric scanner. The application maintains immunization records of registered children along with their identification (e.g. picture, thumbprint, mobile no. etc.). The thumbprint database identifies unvaccinated and partially vaccinated children. The CERV app maintains the permanent register, daily register, tally sheets, stock register and the vaccinator attendance. The App generates monthly reports of EPI Centers on the KPIs such as coverage, consumption and stocks. In addition, it maintains the defaulter list, dropouts and fully immunized children listings. The App is linked with EPI MIS (ORTIS – http://openrtis.pace-tech.com) for data triangulation and further analytics. Additional features that increase the utilization of the App are stock received vouchers, batch-wise, real-time EPI centre stock visibility, manage cold chain equipment functional or non-functional status, health facility ILR storage capacity and report on AEFI cases. The Dashboards of the system provides visualization open & close vial wastages, vaccines consumption, under and over stocks and vaccinator attendance, etc.

The CERV supports localization and supports many languages such as Arabic, English, French and Spanish etc., so it can be adopted worldwide. The user can select its preferred language. The CERV App is currently being piloted in Islamabad and Peshawar districts with the collaboration of EPI Program and WHO Pakistan. It can highlight differences between fully immunized & dropouts reported in routine immunization monthly reports and data collected through CERV App.



  • Maintains vaccination sessions, e.g. fixed centers, outreach services and mobile teams
  • Works in online/offline modes, and syncs the data when the internet will be available
  • Equipped with thumbprint scanner and QR reader
  • Save vaccinated children pictures
  • Send SMS reminders to the parents
  • Generate daily & permanent register and tally sheets of EPI centers
  • Invalid doze detection.
  • Depicts defaulters children on GIS maps
  • Manages Online immunization card with printing option
  • Maintains vaccinator attendance & checkin/checkout timing
  • Provides option to vaccinate out-of-UC and out-of-district children
  • Calculates Key Performance Indicators of the program e.g.
  • Vaccination coverage
  • Dropouts
  • Vaccine consumptions
  • Open & close vial wastages and vaccine utilization
  • Lists Fully Immunized Children and child protected at birth
  • Stock receive voucher
  • Batch-wise real-time EPI center stock visibility
  • Cold chain equipment functional or nonfunctional status
  • ILR storage capacity and volume in use
  • Report on AEFI cases