Our Modules


The ORTIS is an integrated product that can respond to all aspects of the EPI program in any country on the globe.

The ORTIS is a complete open source real-time system that can collect the immunization data from the lowest level of service delivery to the logistics data at any supply chain level,

The ORTIS modules includes inventory and warehouse management, order management, surveillance, SIAs, human resource, cold chain equipment, asset management, RED/REC micro planning, vaccine demand and forecasting, CERV (a tool for EIR), etc.

What we done

Child Electronic Registration and Vaccination

An electronic immunization registry (EIR) is a confidential, computerized, population-based system that collects and consolidates vaccination data from vaccinators for better immunization strategies.

CERV is a mobile based tool for Electronic Immunization Registry (EIR) that aids to monitor individual immunization schedules and immunization histories to enhance the performance of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) program in terms of coverage and efficiency.

There are evidences that EIRs can help increase vaccination coverage. CERV to facilitates several things

i.e. individual follow-up of vaccination status, tracking defaulters (persons who are overdue for a vaccine dose) and automatically generating messages for recalls (to alert persons about overdue doses) and for reminders (to alert persons about upcoming doses), provider assessment and feedback and vaccination clinical decision support.


Our Clients

ORTIS Implementation


After devolution in 2010, provinces in Pakistan are autonomous and health is completely provincial subject.

ORTIS manages immunization program and vaccines inventory and it is completely implemented in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province including merged area,

Balochistan province. ORTIS is also in the regions of Pakistan i.e. AJK, Gilgit Baltistan and Islamabad.